Khwaja Yunus Ali Laboratory School & College.(Winter vacation in 2020)

Vssion & Mision

Mission & Vision

Modern age is not only an age of international language but also an age of Science & Information Technology. The modern world is a global village and every nation is a member of this village. To become an active member of this village we need English. We have no alternative except English. So, the importance of English is undeniable in meeting the challenges of the modern world. In this circumstance, our mission is to enable all students to reach high levels of achievement and to acquire the knowledge, skills and values. Our aim is to nurture our soft-hearted children to make them responsible, competitive and qualified. They need to become a perfect nation builder. We encourage them to fit for the present civilization and future generation. We build them extraordinary meritorious to face any kind of practical situation in every sphere of life.

To provide a very strong foundation for the English Language and teach the children taking psychological factors in consideration by using scientific method and develop the children’s hidden talent with joyful atmosphere. Here also ensure the liberal education for the mental and intellectual, moral growth of children that ensure to make them competent enough for the contemporary age of all around the globalization.

To impart suitable education and training to children to help them develop the faculties of critical and rational thinking and make them creative and imaginative.

To help students develop through the design of programme and activities, respect for physical labour, congenial work-habit and acquire problem-solving skills.

 To help students develop:

  • Positive and liberal attitude towards life
  • Achievement motivation
  • Sense of discipline, orderly manners and austerity
  • Leadership qualities

To help students grow and develop physically, intellectually, psychologically and socially through curricular and co-curricular activities.